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Nite Callers Productions- 

Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Host and Producer Lauren Smith is a well-respected second-generation field investigator who has been in cryptid circles since she was a preteen. She was raised in the field with her mother who is a veteran female bigfoot researcher with a 20 year career of searching for answers to the mystery of this creature.

A pioneer in bigfoot related podcasting, Lauren along with her mother started the original Nite Callers Radio podcast in 2009. Since 2009, Lauren has offered her enthusiasm and expertise as a field researcher/interviewer to listeners worldwide. In late 2020, she decided to take things to the next level by continuing in a podcast format but also adding a visual YouTube format as well. Lauren Smith brings with her a unique viewpoint given her history in the world of bigfoot and interviewing. 

Nite Callers Productions was formed to provide Lauren with a single venue to promote all of her various projects and works. There’s new content weekly! So be sure to check back often to see what’s happening!

Although Lauren stays busy with events and creating content for her various projects, her real passion lies in the woods. She puts in the dirt time in the field and participates in field research expeditions across the southeast United States. While having the benefit of years growing up in the bigfoot community, she is a continued generation that is making its own mark on a notoriously difficult subject. She also takes her two sons with her on various camping trips so that they can learn about nature and how to research this unknown creature. She loves spending time with them while pursuing her passion and shaping them into the next generation of researchers.

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