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Nite Callers Productions offers an affiliate program to creative and like-minded content creators. This program is multi-tiered, and offers various avenues of promotion and partnerships with Nite Callers Productions.

For more information, see the "Become an Affiliate" page.


Bigfoot Crossroads

Where legend meets reality.

Bigfoot witness and veteran researcher Matt Knapp talks with others who have encountered these legendary creatures, as well as other things in the woods that they can't explain. If you're wanting to share your Bigfoot story, Bigfoot Crossroads is an excellent place to do it.


Bigfoot Society Podcast

We’re not your normal Bigfoot podcast.

Join Jeremiah Byron every Monday as he uncovers the stories behind the people who make the wonderfully weird and unexplained their life's work. We love chatting about cryptids and creatures that defy logic but that won't stop us from having people show up in the interview hot seat that might not be who you would normally expect.


Bigfoot Club Podcast

Bigfoot, Paranormal, and more.

Robert Dominguez, Steven Dominguez, and Ash Tucker talk about all their favorite things with a wide variety of entertaining guests. Topics run the gamut from bigfoot, the paranormal, movies, and more. Nothing is off the table.


Beaver Hook Productions

Media and Content by Logan Craft.

Beaver Hook Productions is a media label owned and operated by the creative mind of Logan Craft. Podcasts, videos, graphics, and more can all be found under the Beaver Hook label.

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